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What does a Cheeky Butler wear?

Our standard Cheeky Butler uniform is a black bow tie, collar, cuffs and ‘cheek’ revealing black apron!  If you would like a topless butler with smart black dinner trousers just ask for this when making your booking.

What does a Cheeky Butler do?

They do what any other butler would do. They can greet your guests, take their coats, serve food and drinks, perform house-hold chores. However, they are not strippers, so don’t expect them to remove their apron!

Can I hire a Cheeky Butler for a public event?

Wearing the standard uniform a Cheeky Butler is perfect for private events held in your home, rented cottages, VIP areas etc. If the butler will be in a public place such as a restaurant or a bar we suggest a topless butler or black shorts under the apron.

How do I book a Cheeky Butler?

It’s easy and fun. Either call one of our friendly Booking Agents or fill in the online Booking Enquiry form and we will call you to confirm the price and availability in your area.

You can also Skype us for FREE. If you use your pc to make free calls over the internet and you have Skype on your pc, just click on the blue call me logo and you will get through to a Booking Advisor. If they are not available you are able to leave a message.

Can CheekyButler provide catering?

Our speciality is providing toned, good looking, charming butlers. At this time we do not offer catering but it is something we may offer in the future if requested enough!

Will my Cheeky Butler clean up after the party?

YES! If you want him to and if it is still within the booking time then of course, the butler will even do the washing up if asked nicely.

Can I take photos of the Cheeky Butler?

Of course, they love the limelight!  And part of the fun is sharing your cheeky pics with your friends, online and off.  All we ask is that you send us in your best shots and we will feature them in our gallery.

Do you have female butlers?

No. even though it has been requested we want to stay true to our brand. CheekyButler is male only.